Frequently Asked Questions

  • How safe is my pet’s procedure?

    Each individual procedure will vary from pet to pet and condition to condition. As with humans, the older the individual the more precaution needs to bee taken. Typically a physical examination, review of the patients' medical history and blood work are recommended with older patients. These precautions will make a procedure as safe as possible with a senior pet.
  • My client had an exam and blood work with the past year. When should they have their next exam?

    Remember that an average ratio between our furry friends and humans is approximately seven years. This means that if our pet has not been to the veterinarian in the past year, it is the equivalent of a human not having a check up in seven years. The more frequent examination, blood work and dental examination can help extend your pets life by as long was 25%.
  • Does my pet truly need a dental procedure?

    The overwhelming answer is absolutely yes! Bacteria can accumulate in the mouth transmitting harmful bacteria to your pet’s internal organs. This bacteria can limit the lifespan of your pet.
  • How important is nutrition for my pet?

    Similar to human food intake, a diet that is low in fat and high in protein is essential to the life of your pet. Our hospital offers the newest and most efficient food for you pet available today.
  • How long should I wait to bring my pet to the veterinarian if I notice a change in their behavior?

    It is always important to take your pet immediately to your local clinic when your friend exhibits a change of behavior. Some changes may be insignificant, but others could indicate a more serious change that should be evaluated immediately by your veterinarian.
  • What if I begin to notice visible parasites for the first time on my pet?

    The parasite preventatives have developed greatly over the past ten years. In the past there were questionable techniques that have since been replaced with safe and effective ingredients that eliminate the disease-carrying parasite with out harming your loved one.

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